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Alook Refrigeration Co. Ltd. is the exclusive Dunham-Bush Distributor in Bangladesh.

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From Directors' Desk


M. A. Khaleque
Managing Director

We feel blessed that Alook Refrigeration Company Limited has been continuing to serve its clients for the last thirty years and that neither the clients nor Alook Refrigeration have developed any fatigue for each other. Rather, as we observe, bondage is getting stronger and stronger. What was a small proprietorship firm thirty years back is now a noticeable actor in the field of Air-conditioning.

All these thirty years we were not alone; we had uninterrupted supports from our mentors who vitalized our business spirits.

M. Hamidul Islam
Executive Director

In the recent past, at least during the last six years, Alook Refrigeration Company Limited has dedicated its all out efforts to develop market for world renowned Dunham-Bush Air-conditioning products. With great satisfaction, we note that Dunham-Bush has become a popular brand and we also take pride in noting that, along with our clients, HVAC consultants have developed a special taste for Dunham-Bush brand. We sincerely thank Dunham-Bush International and Dunham-Bush Malaysia factory and all its affiliates who made it possible for us to make Dunham-Bush a popular name in Bangladesh.

We thank all our well wishers including our bankers, consultants, advisers for their valuable supports.

Finally, We thank the most valuable people for whom we work ---- our clients, for whom we exist.

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